Botaniq Materials


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Botaniq eyewear made with plant-based acetate

Our plant-based acetate consists of plant-based material made from certified sustainable vegetal sources such as cotton linters or wood pulp. plant-based acetate is identical in look, feel, and performance to traditional acetate of the highest quality, but results in an eyewear frame with a much lower carbon footprint, reduced by up to a third when compared to the traditional manufacturing process. Plant-based acetate relies on renewable plant-based sources to reduce the environmental impact associated with traditional acetate production. 
Botaniq Custom Lam

Botaniq eyewear made with Eastman Acetate Renew

Acetate Renew is made from at least 25% certified recycled and 40% plant-based content and offers the same traditional acetate aesthetics and performance– but revitalized using Eastman’s Advanced Circular Recycling technologies to divert single-use waste from the landfill.  Acetate Renew focuses on recycling post-consumer waste such as discarded plastic products to create a responsible acetate material.  Acetate Renew meets rigorous performance standards and provides significant environmental benefits such as landfill diversion, resource conservation, and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. 

*Eastman Acetate Renew is powered by Eastman’s revolutionary recycling technology that transforms single-use plastic waste into durable materials, offsetting the use of fossil resources and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. 
Botaniq Recycled Stainless Steel

Botaniq is made with approximately 60% recycled stainless steel

Our stainless steel offers lightweight comfort and sourced from approximately 60% recycled material.
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Natural Wood & Cork

The natural wood and cork used in our collection is harvested from ISO-certified forests and are FSC certified which stands for Forest Stewardship Council; a member organization that sets standards confirming that the wood and cork was taken from a responsibly managed forest.
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Botaniq Packaging and Point-of-Sale Materials

The Botaniq case is produced from recycled PET and recyclable cardboard that can be folded flat, saving space to help lower carbon emissions.  Botaniq point of sale material is made from recyclable materials such as FSC certified paper and cardboard. 

Tura’s commitment to responsible product, packaging, and manufacturing process is an ongoing mission, integrating eco-friendly packaging across our entire portfolio. We are embracing earth-friendly materials while maintaining our design-centric integrity. 

You’d never know the materials are earth-friendly because the frames are so rich in design.