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Revel in your eyewear with confidence.  There’s a style and fit that’s made for you! Our core collections already come with a wide range of fits, including 48-56 for women and 52-57 for men, compared to other brands that typically offer 50-54 for women and 53-56 for men.   This is just one of the many points of differentiation that our portfolio of brands offer. At Tura, we are Fit-forward!

Special Fit

Special Fit

XL Fit, Petite Fit, Universal Fit and Progressive Friendly.

Frame Shape

Frame Shape

Frame measurements can be helpful in finding a good fit but there are some more useful points to keep in mind when selecting the best frame shape for your face. 

Hair Color

hair Color

Your hair color (natural or otherwise) can have a big impact on which frame colors will work best for you. Consider not just the shade of your hair (brown, blonde) but also whether your hair has cool or warm undertones.

Fit Forward Guide

Tura Fit Forward Lookbook

Explore Tura's Fit Forward Lookbook Guide, designed for a seamless eyewear experience. Discover our diverse range of fits tailored for every style, ensuring you find the perfect match. Click here to dive in, explore, and find your ideal eyewear style today!