Brendel by Talbot Runhof Brand Story

The TALBOT RUNHOF fashion label has experienced a meteoric rise since its founding in 2000. Now it's even conquering the world of fashion eyewear in a successful collaboration with Brendel. Brendel by TALBOT RUNHOF eyewear is like the wearer: adventurous, focused and strikingly stylish.

"Never go too far; just always far enough!“
With this motto as its guiding principle, the fashion label TALBOT RUNHOF has enjoyed a meteoric rise since its establishment in the year 2000. Just five years after the first boutique was opened in Munich, the label established by visionary designers Johnny Talbot and Adrian Runhof was awarded the first German Fashion Award for “the best collection”. Since 2009, they have been designing costumes for opulent stage works and are currently achieving success throughout the world with 166 stores.

TALBOT RUNHOF is Germany’s first choice for cultured designer fashion. Since 2000, Johnny Talbot
and Adrian Runhof have been creating fashion for women who lead a busy life and want to be perfectly dressed on-trend from morning till evening. Celebrities from Berlin to Hollywood are inspired by their red-carpet gowns, yet their collection also comprises lots of cool individual pieces, which can be found in the world’s 200 most exclusive boutiques and department stores.

Eyewear from Brendel by Talbot Runhof features a style of design and high quality materials reflective of the complexity and intricacy of the exceptional fabrics which are synonymous with the Talbot Runhof label.

Sunglasses from Brendel by Talbot Runhof showcase elegant custom materials and color combinations to accentuate the stylish look of the fashionistas - providing the perfect complement to the rich variety of designs in the Talbot Runhof collection.

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