Buffalo David Bitton History

Founded in France in 1972, Buffalo has an origin steeped in fashion. From its beginning on the streets of Bordeaux, close to the birthplace of denim in Nimes, Buffalo became famous for its unmistakable style, outstanding fit and quality. For over 46 years, Buffalo has maintained its cool, sexy and provocative persona. Today, it is recognized as a brand with an authentic heritage in denim with a design sensibility that is distinct and detailed. It has a history of pushing boundaries and creating cultural conversations through groundbreaking campaigns. Buffalo makes clothes for people who follow their passions and balance boldness with the bravery it takes to be an open book.

The label now spans across 18 countries and more than 3000 locations including; U.S. department stores Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Dillards, Bon-Ton as well as Hudson Bay in Canada.

Drawing on the rebelliousness and sexy ethos of the Buffalo David Bitton brand, the eyewear collection will be positioned as a trend focused collection that has an edgy rock and roll vibe, extremely commercial yet sexier than its main competitors. The brands moto influence will be the driving force to accomplish its distinctive style.

The Buffalo David Bitton collection will be enjoyed by fashion innovators who seek effortless style.