O’Neill History

Over 60 years ago, Jack O’Neill invented the wetsuit, and gave birth to an industry out of a San Francisco highway garage — just because he wanted to surf longer. Later, Jack’s son Pat was credited with inventing the leash on the surfboard.

Today, the same entrepreneurial spirit still drives everything O’Neill does. The company produces wetsuits, performance sports inspired apparel for young adults, and lifestyle apparel. The products are distributed to 86 countries worldwide. The company logo symbolizes a breaking surf wave, a nod to the brand’s roots and a reminder of its mission to empower others to do what they love.

Drawing on the brand’s values for passion, confidence, and effortless spontaneity, the O’Neill eyewear collection seeks to celebrate the unconventional, the adventurous, and those with the freedom and joy to carve their own paths. Some key technologies featured in the O’Neill eyewear collection are genuine wood temples, two-tone injection rubber tips, sculpted sport temples for maximum comfort, rich handmade acetate, and woodgrain accents.

The O’Neill collection will be enjoyed by an audience that is active in mind and body with a genuine passion and pioneering spirit to make the world a better place for everyone.